FAQs - General

Below is a list of frequently asked questions the Board receives.

  • Who needs a tree removal permit?

    A tree removal permit is required for the removal of trees on residential and non-residential properties for all tree species, with the exception of exempted tree as defined by the Hillborough County Land Development Code.

    Please see the following PDF pamphlet from Hillsborough County's Planning and Growth Management Department for more information and to where to obtain a permit. You will find a list of exempt trees located on the PDF pamphlet.

    icon Natural Resources Tree Removal Permitting (562.98 kB)

  • When are our trash pick up days?

    Our trash pick up days are on Wednesdays (yard waste; recycling; trash) and Saturdays (trash). Remember to only put your trash out on the night before pickup or you will be in violation of our documents. Please note that if trash is put out on the curb during any other time you will receive a violation letter.

  • When and where does the Board meet every month?

    The Board meets every 3rd TUESDAY at 6:00pm. The location is very close to the community at Mulrennan and SR-60 at the Farm Bureau Community Center, 100 S. Mulrennan Road. We will continue to meet here until a new location is found.

  • When are my HOA payments due?

    HOA Payments are due Quarterly. They are due January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. Dues are considered LATE on the 2nd day of the month in which they are due.

  • Where do I send my HOA payment?

    C/O  First Service Residential.
    PO BOX 28157
    MIAMI, FL 33102-8157

    In order to process your payment in a timely manner, you need to submit your coupon with your payment. This coupon has your account number on it. This account number is needed.

    You could also pay online. Just click on the "ClickPay" logo on the front page. Please note that payment will take up to four (4) business days excluding bank holidays to process so please take that into consideration.

  • Why can't the Board assist with overnight street parking?

    There has been a lot of discussions regarding parking on the street. The Board (and management company) have operated under the understanding the the HOA has no jurisdiction over county streets. This has been challenged by some homeowners recently so we sought the advice of our attorney. CopperRidge will NOT be enforcing the violation of overnight parking based on that advice. Our documents actually exclude public streets from its jurisdiction.


    If you are having a parking issue that you feel is a safety issue based on emergency vehicles not being able to fit, you may contact the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office at 813-247-8200.


    The Board must follow the advice of the attorneys and this answer may make some people very unhappy. There is also a group of homeowners that will be happy about this. Please use caution when parking in the street and be considerate of your neighbors. Don’t block driveways and mailboxes or fire hydrants.

  • What is the paint formula for the mail box posts?

    Sherwin Williams
    1926 U. S. Hawy. 301
    Tampa, Fl. 33619
    Post:  Base: 3730 White; C9 I2 L 36 ½  (“cee nine” “eye two” “ell thirty six and one half”)
    Trim: 1 Shot Paint; 110 Metallic Copper

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